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Tax Services

We prepare corporate income tax returns (Federal and Provincial), WSIB/HST returns for our clients year round.


We’ve summarized services with a few “packages” that you can choose from what level of service you would like.

Financial Services

We provide broad range of financial services and plans to meet all our clients’ financial needs.

Specialized bookkeeping, income tax preparation, payroll, financial and accounting services

A big part of your business depends on your accounting system and how you manage and maintain your financial records. You need to keep your financial records and accounting streamlined not just as required by CRA, but also to constantly have a finger on the pulse of your business.

Our accountants and financial experts are available to individuals and small as well as mid-sized businesses in Toronto, Mississauga, Oakville, Caledon and Bolton areas, and are well versed with accounting and income tax laws in Canada.

At VN Accounting Solutions we provide completely tailored solutions to meet your individual needs because we fully understand that every business is different and hence has different needs. When you decide to partner with us we don’t offer you off-the-shelf financial and accounting services, we offer you solutions that totally assimilate your business problems.


Why partner with VN Accounting Solutions?

Our team of accountants and finance experts will make sure that your bookkeeping and other financial matters keep pace with your business operations without you having to get yourself worried about them. And the best part is, the moment you require financial details and reports they are immediately available to you.


Instilling strength into your personal and business finances

Our financial engineers and accountants establish norms and procedures that immediately plug all the loopholes that can metamorphose into big drains as you expand your operations and move into the bigger echelons of excellence. Even small discrepancies in your income tax returns and book entries can snowball into massive but totally unnecessary and avoidable problems. VN Accounting Solutions not just takes care of your current problems it also anticipates future problems and challenges and takes care of them right now.

We keep your financial foundation strong and when you have a strong foundation you can reach for the skies with solid confidence.


Give us a call today, or set up an appointment and we will fill you in with more details in no time.


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Keep a finger on your financial pulse

Bookkeeping, accounting, tax planning and financial services to keep your financial data well-tuned for present and future business needs, whether you are a small or medium-sized business, self-employed, a start-up entrepreneur or a large corporation. We also serve non-profit organisations and charities.